KSDA Impact On


The Kuwait National Development Plan (KNDP) sets the nation’s long-term development priorities. It is organized around five themes, and seven pillars. Based on this fact, Kuwait Sustainable Development Award (KSDA) is solidly aligned with KNDP themes especially in terms of KSDA award categories and criteria for winner selection. Therefore, participants who win an award have also contributed towards KNDP goals.

KSDA Impact On


Through participating, you will get meaningful impacts through:

  • Contributing to New Kuwait.
  • Advancing sustainable practices.
  • Strengthening innovation.
  • Reducing environment impact.
  • Improving energy efficiency.
  • Advancing research.
  • Implementing clean technology.
  • Integrating sustainable resources.
  • Adopting sustainability policies.
  • Adopting business best practices.